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We are re-building our page.  SLR is a radical radio show, bringing you the truth about re-entry of ex-felons into  society...and what difference that makes to all of us in every community.

Those on the Registry are restricted as to where they can live.  Consequently, some are homeless (yes, in Winter!), and some have opted to not register so they can have a roof.

As of Thu, December 12, 2018, there are

493 Homeless sex offenders and 1198 Unregistered sex offenders in Oklahoma, due to draconian residency laws.  Demand that our legislators change this! 

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We believe that ex-felons, even sex offenders, deserve a real chance to re-enter society.  If they have a real chance to re-enter society, all our communities benefit.  We share information, and do it in a funny and compelling way///check our show out!

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